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That the donkeys on Bonaire still badly need your and our help, gets clear from the summary of last year that you find below. Too bad also in 2013 there were a lot of donkeys suffering. But fortunately we were also able to rescue lots of donkeys. And, at the end of 2013, as crowning glory, we were finally able to sign an agreement with the government for a good donkey management plan on Bonaire.

Here a summary of our work in 2013:

  • Too bad 13 donkeys needed to be released from their suffering by the vet because they were incurably ill (in most cases the donkeys suffered from tetanus in a progressed stage). The expenses for euthanasia are always paid by us.
  • At least 25 donkeys were killed in traffic or got so badly wounded by a car hit, that the vet had no other option than putting them to sleep. In these 25 cases we were called to give help to the injured donkeys. The total number of donkeys that died in traffic will be much bigger, as we do not get informed if a donkey is already deceased when it is found. In that case the dead donkey will be removed by the sanitary department without us getting noticed.
  • We were able to rescue many donkeys from the streets and give them permanent shelter in the sanctuary. From now on these animals can enjoy a safe and well cared for life. Amongst these donkeys 6 orphaned foals, 2 injured foals, several ill donkeys and a large number of (pregnant) mares and their foals.
  • We rescued several donkeys on the streets out of distressing situations, whereupon they were able to be set free again or to be given shelter in the sanctuary. Amongst them 5 donkeys with injuries because a foreign object was stuck around their leg (for example an old tin or PVC tube), 1 donkey stuck in fencing, 1 foal that was entangled in dense bush after a fall, 1 donkey with injuries from being shot and 2 donkeys with dangerous ropes around their necks.
  • Moreover, in cooperation with the society for protection of animals, we rescued a pony from a dreadful situation and we were actively involved by saving a large group of donkeys on St. Eustatius that faced death because of neglect.

In autumn 2013 we agreed with the government of Bonaire on a donkey management plan for the island. At the 1st of November 2013 we started with the implementation of this plan. Goal is to capture as many as possible of the donkeys that are still roaming around on the streets. Subsequently all rescued mares and young donkeys will be given lifelong care in the donkey sanctuary and thus no longer be in danger on the streets. All captured adult males will be neutered and be given a reflective ear tag and microchip identification, whereupon they will be released on the safest possible sites in nature. Thanks to this donkey management plan the reproduction of donkeys on Bonaire will be controlled, the trouble of donkeys wandering in the streets will greatly be reduced and most of the donkeys will live under the safe circumstances.