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It turns out that our work is still badly necessary, as also in 2011 we had to set off many times to help donkeys in distress. Too bad many times we had no other option but releasing severely injured or deadly ill donkeys from their suffering. But fortunately we were also able to save some animals and to give them shelter in our sanctuary.

Hereby we willingly give you a summary over 2011:

  • 11 donkeys were so severely injured by a car hit, that we had to ask the vet to put them to sleep for account of our organization (3 little foals, 2 advanced pregnant jennet's and 6 adult donkeys)
  • 1 donkey was so badly ill when we found him on the streets, that the vet decided to put him to sleep
  • 1 little foal just died when we arrived at the scene
  • we do not know how many donkeys died on the streets by car hits or illness, as in case donkeys are already dead when they are discovered, they are removed by the garbage department, without notification to us
  • we were able to rescue an adult donkey from a deep well in which he got stuck and to release him without significant injuries;
  • we cured a young donkey lady on the streets from a bad eye infection
  • we rescued 8 donkeys in very bad condition (orphaned, undernourished, ill, etc.) from the streets and gave them shelter in our sanctuary. Too bad we were not able to save three of them (tetanus and internal bleeding), but all other 5 donkeys are meanwhile doing very well
  • four times we were not able to find and help injured donkeys that had been hit by a car, as despite their injuries they had still been able to flee
  • one foal was born in our sanctuary. His mum was saved from us from the streets in 2010, being already pregnant then
  • amongst the donkeys in our sanctuary 3 of them died of old age and 3 of them died of illness
  • by the end of 2011 we lovingly took care over 400 donkeys in our sanctuary

Moreover we also raised 6 abandoned kittens and found them caring homes. And two stray cats that turned up in our sanctuary can stay with us and will be cared for at our donkey feeding station, together with all other stray cats we already cared for.

And of course in 2011 we were working 7 days a week to take care of the more than 400 donkeys in our Sanctuary and raising money to be able to do so. In addition the forced relocation took lots of our energy and budget.

We hope in 2012 there will be less wild donkeys in distress. And we will do al we can to finally get some funds from the government to save all wild donkeys from the streets and to be able to continue our work at the sanctuary.