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That the donkeys on Bonaire your and our help desperately need, is evident from the following overview on last year. Unfortunately, there was in 2012 a lot of donkey pain. We hope therefore that the government in 2013 will finally be willing to work with us together to create a good life for all donkeys on Bonaire.

Here a summary of our work in 2012:

  • 7 foals died or should we put to sleep due to a collision
  • 18 adult donkeys survived a collision, including two pregnant mares
  • 9 donkeys with tetanus be at our expense saved by the vet from their suffering, including one pregnant mare
  • an unknown number of donkeys died in the street and was taken away without interference by the sanitary department
  • two donkeys and one foal were seriously injured after a collision, but unfortunately we managed not to catch them to help, we fear that these animals still died from their injuries

But fortunately, there were also bright spots, because we have also been able to save many donkeys:

  • 14 donkeys from Hato were saved by our preventative street, including several pregnant mares and a few foals
  • an ass and her foal were liberated by our mistreatment of and collected
  • an orphaned foal was collected by us and bottle-reared
  • 5 injured donkeys came into our house and recovered well from their injuries, including one pregnant donkey and two foals
  • three donkeys were freed ourselves from foreign objects that were tied to their leg and could then walk again without problems
  • five mares that were already pregnant at the entrance gave birth in the care of a healthy foal
  • a kitten was dumped temporarily received by us until we found a good home for him and we took care of several wild stray cats that live at the donkey food place

And of course, more than 400 donkeys daily lovingly cared for by us in the sanctuary!