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In 2010, we again frequently on the road to help donkeys in distress. Often, unfortunately, was no other than to let the poor animals from their suffering deliver by the veterinarian. But fortunately we were able to rescue some donkeys and may bring into our shelter.

We would like to sum up the year 2010 below for you:

  • 14 donkeys we saw so seriously injured or ill on the street, that the vet she had to sleep in (6 injured by accident, six with serious tetanus, one seriously injured by dogs and one stuck in a fence)
  • two donkeys died in the street after an accident, in our presence, but before the vet was on the spot
  • how many donkeys found dead on the street, we do not know, because dead animals are removed from the sanitary department without our intervention
  • one foal in our sanctuary willfully died after being poisoned by unknown
  • 5 foals were rescued by us from street with bottles of milk colt reared (four orphans whose mother was killed, one foal that was severely injured by dogs)
  • four donkeys (two mares and their foals) were rescued by us from the streets in terrible condition
  • two mares which were already pregnant when we deliver them from the street were in the shelter a healthy donkey foal
  • 6 donkeys in our care died of old age or illness

further we have rescued 4 exhausted young flamingos street and a few stray cats could continue to live at our house and be provided through our daily food and water.

We were of course seven days a week in line to take care of the more than 400 donkeys in our care and earn the money required for this. The forced construction took a lot of our time and money consuming.

Hopefully there will be less in 2011 donkeys in distress. And we will do our very best to get this year finally grant from the government to catch and keep our donkey sanctuary still running all stray donkeys.