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Adopt a donkey

Help us by adopting a donkey!

You can adopt one of our hundreds of donkeys. As an adopter you will receive a lovely adoption certificate and a picture of your donkey.

Of course we will also keep you informed once in a while about the things that happen in our donkey sanctuary and about possible events concerning your donkey.

You can choose yourself which donkey you want to adopt. You can make your choice while visiting our park, but also on this website. Click here to meet some of the lovely donkeys as an example of the ones you can choose to adopt.

Adopting a donkey costs US$ 175 a year. It commits you to nothing, as each year you can decide whether you want to prolong your adoption or not.

As an adopter you enjoy free entrance to our donkey sanctuary, so you can visit your donkey as much as you like. This free entrance is limited to your family, with a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children.

To adopt a donkey directly through this website. Fill the form below and send it to us. In return we will send you as soon as possible a confirmation, the adoption certificate and a picture of your donkey.

By the way, your adoption contribution will of course benefit all our donkeys. And it may happen that one donkey has more adopters.



Yes, I wish to adopt a donkey. I will receive an adoption certificate and a photo of my donkey and would like to be kept informed of activities of Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire. My contribution is US$ 175,- per year.*

You can use our online donation form or a use our bank account:

Maduro & Curiels Bank Bonaire
Account# 108 789 04
t.n.v. Stichting Donkeys Help


* A donkey may have several adoptees and your donations will help all donkeys at the sanctuary.