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Our sponsors

Feramed & DutchFarm

sponsor virbac

Feramed & DutchFarm supporting us by donating our deworming, vitamins and wound spray for the donkeys. This is so great for our donkeys and us. Thank you very much Feramed and Dutchfarm for your great help to keep our donkeys healthy with these medications!

Vereniging Nederlands Ezelstamboek
sponsor ezelstamboek

The VNE (the Dutch Society for the Donkey Studbook) improves the health of Dutch donkey breeds, monitors breeding, provides information and advice and lets donkey lovers get into contact. Besides the VNE has proven to be warm-hearted to the donkeys on Bonaire! They donated us a wind turbine, which provides us electricity in an eco-friendly way. Moreover the VNE gave us a generous grant for the new feeding station.

De Jong Engineering B.V. sponsor de jong

De Jong Engineering B.V. is a technical service provider.
The company has been in existence for more than 20 years and is an expert in industrial automation.
It employs about 15 professionals and we as DJE train many young people.
We mainly work for production companies in the food and beverage sector.
De Jong Engineering likes to contribute to a better world, and gives not only an example in technology but also an example for animals and the environment. Via a tip we received news about Donkey Sanctuary and the local energy supply. The windmill did not work well. Through a donation, the energy supply can be secured and the animals can be cared for better.
By the way, we are looking for colleagues so are you young, MBO HBO, affinity with technology, marketing or sales?
And you want something? We operate internationally and work for multinationals, so there's plenty to offer.
Feel free to contact us.

Is your company also willing to sponsor us? We appreciate all help! Furthermore we are specifically looking for sponsors for some badly needed projects and requirements. Click here for more information.



sponsor fondsen

In the upcoming months new fencing will be placed around our premises. Thanks to very generous donations from the organizations below we were able to buy all materials needed and to hire a temporary employee to help us putting up the fence (almost 5 kilometres!):

- Stichting DierenLot
- Manders Brada Stichting
- Stichting Van der Voort Van Zijp
- Stichting Moyra Stava-Morena
- Stichting Bouwstenen voor Dierenbescherming
- The Donkey Sanctuary UK

sponsor bedrijv en particulieren

Thanks to very generous donations from the following companies and persons, we were able to buy many hectares of own ground property for Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire:

- Frans & Hansje Hazewinkel
- Ms. Noel Craven          
- Sarah & Hugh Frame       
- Stichting Manzana        
- Carol & Andy Muller      
- P.E.T.A. Organisation    
- The Donkey Sanctuary U.K.
- Animals Best Friends ORG.
- Sorobon Beach Resort     
- Dierenhulp Venezuela     
- Anonymous


sponsor particuliere

Several private donkey lovers help us with their frequent and noble minded donations. Among others we want to thank for their loyal donations for years on end:

- Frans & Hansje Hazewinkel    
- Sander, Sanny & Pieter Jongerius
- Pierre Chatelain & Line Lavoie
- Cornelie & Marjolijn

And of course we are very grateful to all other sponsors, donors and adopters! Thanks to them we can take care of the donkeys on Bonaire.



Werkcon BV
sponsor werkcon

Werkcon BV is a metal processing company, known for its innovating products and machineries. As a loyal sponsor Werkcon helps us, amongst others, by offering free transportation of goods to Bonaire and by assisting in our construction activities. Moreover Werkcon sponsors the building of our new shop and storehouse, which we appreciate highly!

Van Doren Reclame
sponsor van doren

Exclusively for us Van Doren Reclame designs and manufactures unique souvenirs from Bonaire, like beautiful donkey posters and bags with a picture of flamingos on it. They donate us all these articles completely free of charge, to sell them in our little shop. All the profit we make from it supports our donkeys!

Mane ‘n Tail
sponsor manentail

Straigh Arrow Products makes high quality products, amongst which a full range of grooming and treatment products for horses.  They have already been helping the donkeys for many years by donating the famous Main ‘n Tail shampoo, Mineral Ice, Hoofmaker and more.



sponsor staudmedia

staudmedia provide custom website and hosting solutions for a diverse array of businesses. staudmedia is also your partner for integration of web- and security-camera-systems for houses and comercial properties on Bonaire. They manage our donkey camera and support us by building and managing our website.

Is your company also willing to sponsor us? We appreciate all help! Furthermore we are specifically looking for sponsors for some badly needed projects and requirements. Click here for more information.