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How to help us

Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire is a small, registered non-profit organization that is entirely dependent upon gifts, donations and the work of volunteers. You can also help us to care for the donkeys on Bonaire. The donkeys need your help badly!

Adopt a donkey

For US$175 per year you can adopt a donkey. You receive an adoption certificate and a photo of your donkey that, of course, continues to live with us at the sanctuary. Periodically, you will receive from us news about your donkey and you will be kept informed about our activities. We hope you will find many opportunities to visit your donkey! Click here to adopt a donkey

Become a donor

From just US$ 50 per year you can become a donor and help us enormously with the care of the donkeys. You will receive an annual newsletter from us. It is also possible to support our work with a one-off gift. Click here to become a donor

Sponsor us

Is your company willing to help us as a sponsor, either financial, or with particular products? We appreciate all support! Besides, at this moment we are specifically searching for sponsors for some urgently needed projects and materials. Click here to become a sponsor.

We would be so glad with any help you can offer us, for do you know:

  • That at the moment more than 700 donkeys enjoy a safe life in our sanctuary.
  • That we need about 600 kilograms of horse food each day, based on the number of donkeys that are currently in our sanctuary. That is 219,000 kilograms a year! Once every three weeks we have 12,900 kilograms coming from Holland to Bonaire. All together food and transportation cost us minimal 104.000 Euro a year.
  • We need 26,000 kg gras per month, so that means a yearly cost of about 144,000 US Dollars incl. transport.
  • That we daily need many litres of drinking water for the donkeys, for which we pay about 3,500 US Dollars a year to the water company.
  • That we also have to pay the veterinarian: for castrations, for putting donkeys to sleep, for medical care, etc.
  • So that only to pay for the water, food and hay we at least need 300.000 US Dollars a year. And that is not speaking of all other costs…
  • That we need 700 tubes of anti-parasite treatment a year, that fortunately are all donated to us by Feramed in the Netherlands.
  • And that all buckets of foal milk that we need to bottle feed the orphaned foals are given to us by Pavo in the Netherlands.

That we really can not do without your help for the donkeys and that we want to thank you so much for supporting us!