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Is your company willing to sponsor us?

We are not only looking for sponsors that are willing to support us financially, but as well for companies that can help us by giving us their products for free.

Besides specific ‘donkey related articles’ we also need many other kind of products that are useful for the sanctuary and our daily activities.

In exchange for your sponsoring we will list your company and logo on this website. If desired we will also display your company name in our sanctuary, for example on the products that you donated us or at another suitable spot. And of course we will cooperate to give you all possible free publicity related to your sponsoring.

Currently we are urgently looking for sponsors for the following projects and requirements:

  • hay/luzerne
  • grass pellets
  • shade roof (your name on it)
  • golfcart 4 persons (electric)
  • fence material galvanized

But also a lot of other products (for example from cleaning cloths to lamp poles) are very welcome!

Please contact us if your company may be able to support us in any way: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.